About Me

I'm Frankie Lee Matthews and I am a photographer based in Melbourne Australia.  I started out in 2011 and have since found my niche in Fitness Photography & Street Fashion and Brand Apparel.

I love my job and I love working with my clients to get them the imagery they need for whatever project they are working on.

Client Reviews

"I first saw Frankie Lee Matthews at the 2014 Sydney Allstar Affiliate Games; a striking jumble of tatts, flowing locks, camera gear and raw energy.  Squatting, kneeling, moving in sync with the athletes as they powered through the workouts; my strongest impression was one of trust.  There is an honest devotion to the moment she is waiting to capture that puts people at ease.  She gets it and they know it."

 - Dylan Conner - Operations Manager, Inov-8 Australia


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Benchmark The Book

Frankie Lee Matthews is the Co-Creator of 'Benchmark The Book', an all Australian photographed and designed Fitness Journal created alongside friend and designer Carlz J Soda.

Every workout has been visually recreated with professional photography and beautiful design to make BENCHMARK not only a journal for your fitness, but a collective representation of the beauty of fitness.