Reach The Right Audience With Your Branded Content Photography

When it comes to branded content photography a picture is worth a thousand words.  And a thousand pictures are sometimes necessary.  Something that I learnt when I went to work at Livestrong Primal Fitness.

Livestrong Primal Fitness is a relatively small gym that offers A LOT of different services for their clients.  Proof that size doesn’t matter when it comes to small business.  It is all about the offerings.  And these guys have it all.  A great gym space, one on one personal training, group training sessions, lifestyle coaching and nutritional programs.

Tanya Carroll, the head coach at Livestrong, contacted me to help with her branded content photography.  She had recently spent thousands getting a handful photos taken for her business, but they were very posed and structured and were not suitable for every potential client she was wanting to reach.

To Pose Or Not To Pose

Posed studio photography is fantastic and in a lot of cases works.  But does your customer RELATE to that kind of imagery?  Does it evoke emotion and feeling towards your brand?  Or does it just appear professional and expensive?

Gone are the days where the expensive studio imagery reigned supreme.  Businesses have learnt that to truly reach an audience you need to make your imagery accessible and relatable.  It needs to generate an emotional connection to the brand which is the keystone to reaching your market.

In Tanya’s case, the Livestrong Primal Fitness website was littered with professional imagery, but their social media content was in direct contrast.  Her expensive studio shoot had covered a few gaps on her website, but left very little to communicate with her market elsewhere.

A mix of blurred session images, unremarkable selfies and external content taken from other fitness sites with littered over their social media.  Overall, the look and feel of Livestrong on social media did not represent the true professional attitude of the team and the service they provided.

Enter Frankie.

There has to be a better way!

Tanya wanted the full buffet for her branded content photography.  Session images, individual training photos, headshots for her team and some shots of the interior of her gym that gave context to their resources.  On top of that, we needed to be sure to capture the group mentality and community that Tanya and her team had established over their years of working with clients.

Finding that middle ground between posed and poor for Livestrong Primal was all about creating the right atmosphere.  Livestrong already had all the great elements that their customers could connect with, we just needed to show them in action!

We brought together some of Tanya’s clients and set them up to do what they love… train!  Immediately the vibe in the gym was primed to be photographed.  And the results were exactly what Livestrong needed to connect with their market.  A big pile of fun, inspiring images that could be used to demostrate what Livestrong are all about.

Go forth and brand.

Reaching your audience, like Tanya and her team do, is not always about that one, posed, studio lit, photo.  It’s about a thousand photos.  About consistently capturing your brand and service AS IT TRULY IS; as you want it to be.

Every image you use, every blog you share, every word you tweet impacts your brand.  It also impacts the way people connect with your business.  Ultimately it is the gateway to the success of your brand.

Go forth and brand, my friend.  And if you need some help, call on me!

If you want to know more about my brand content photography, please get in touch. Can’t wait to hear from you!

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