Once More With Feeling – My Key To Great Brand Photography

For me, photography is one of the greatest ways for me to connect and engage.  Not only with individuals, but with businesses.

Let me explain…

Photography is about feeling; capturing something in a single static frame that represents something greater than just pixels.

Being able to connect to an emotion or feeling through my photography means connecting to the environment and the people I am shooting.  It is why I love doing what I do so very much.

That is why creating branded content for my customers comes quite easy to me.  Because getting the best imagery for a client requires that engagement and immersion into their identity and brand.

The Ab Factory Vibe.

Trish and Dave from Ab Factory have been clients of mine for many years now, so when they asked me to shoot some content for their blog, I was BANG up for it.  Not only am I already intimate with their brand, but I do love a visit and a chatter with this crew.

A lot of what makes Ab Factory the destination for body transformations, is that they are incredibly engaging individuals who truly care about their clients.  They love nothing more than seeing their client’s journey and customising their program to allow any individual to achieve their goals.  This is why it was so important for me to capture the essence of engagement in this brand content photoshoot.

As usual, I arrive onsite armed with a Canon 5D in one hand, and a Diet Coke in the other.  And as usual, I explain away the shame of my drink choice to Trish, who simply laughs and admits to loving the stuff herself on occasion.  (She is always so forgiving of my health sins!)

One by one her team of rockstar, weight training ladies come through the door.  All clad in their active wear attire for their shoot.  And whilst every one of these ladies is exactly ONE MILLION times fitter and healthier than I am, they are such humble humans that they embrace the ‘health heathen’ as one of their own.

Before I go any further, I should mention that Trish and I very rarely discuss a photoshoot in advance anymore.  I like to think this is because we are now able to communicate telepathically, but I think that she likes to believe that I am so great at my job, that I just know what she wants.  (The telepathy concept is still yet to be ruled out!)

And now for the feeling.

So we begin.  As usual, we connect to the concept almost immediately and the next 45 minutes is followed by much fun and laughter in-between clicks of the camera.

The resulting imagery is a perfect example of how Ab Factory work.  They are a community and are welcoming to all, and their brand reflects that vibe.  Being able to engage with that vibe when I work is a beautiful thing.  It makes capturing the right imagery so much easier.

Every brand and business is different and capturing the essence of a who they are so that they can connect with their audience is a huge job that requires a level of engagement that not everyone is open to.  Being the one that gets to do that job, is why I love being a photographer.

If you want to know more about my brand content photography, please get in touch. Can’t wait to hear from you!

– For more from Ab Factory, visit their website

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