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I was just starting out in the big, bad world of brand content photography, when I received a call from Aaron Smith, the founder of KX Pilates.

Imagine me dumbfounded, when he said that he had seen and liked my work.  Then went on to invite me out to capture images of some of his Pilates and Barre sessions for use on his website and social media.

At this point in my career, I had only been working with local gyms in my neighbourhood or local sporting events.  In hindsight, the quality of my work was pretty good even then, but the confidence I would soon garner hadn’t established itself as yet.  Needless to say, taking on a national client made me nervous.

In true entrepreneur style, Aaron Smith, was full of compliments and support for a budding ‘up and coming’ photographer, and was able to convince me of my own skillset.

A date was set for the shoot and I spent the time prior over-thinking and over-preparing. At the time, this was the most terrifying shoot of my career as a photographer.

The Big Day 

Even then, I knew the importance of brand identity and curating relevant imagery to truly represent a product or business.  My photography would need to capture the very essence of KX Pilates. A single static frame that made their product relatable.  An image that could be used to reach out to the right market group and audience.  Huge responsibility!

My nerves on the day were immediately calmed as soon as I stepped onsite at KX Pilates.  The crew were more than welcoming and the clients were truly engaged.  The warmth of the boutique studio was apparent in the first glimpse.  The vibe of the place washed over me and I was convinced that I could capture this brand with ease.

The shoot itself lasted about two hours.  In that time I was able to capture a full 45 minute Barre class, some individual movement images with the Barre instructor, and some snazzy new headshots of founder Aaron Smith.

The team were thrilled with the results and I take pride in the fact that my headshot of Aaron Smith is still perched on the KX Pilates website.  Let’s also mention that some of my Barre and Pilates class images taken on that day are also still prominently displayed on the KX Pilates website many years after the initial shoot.

That’s all folks…

My brand content photography has grown in leaps and bounds since, and is one of the staples in my busy photographic schedule.  Due in part to the fact that I love finding the vibe in a brand or a business.  Taking that brand and making it something that emotes and reaches its audience.

This shoot worked to propel my confidence to new levels and I look back fondly on the day this teeny terrified photographer arrived onsite with nothing by a Canon 600D and a 50mm lens hoping to achieve something a ‘true professional’ could only achieve.  Baby girl, all grown up now!

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