Social media has offered small businesses and entrepreneurs around the world the opportunity to let their brand do the hard work selling their business or service.

But with this ACE little tool called social media comes great responsibility. Every picture you share, every blog post you create, contributes to your business brand identity.

It’s terrifying to think that the posed, 80’s styled, studio portrait image you posted might actually be losing you clients and tainting your brand.

Is what you are posting relevant to you? Does it inspire trust and professionalism?

Your ultimate goal is to reach out to potential clients and make an impact, which is why it so important to create and curate content that is professional and relevant to your brand.

And because there are so many elements to your business it’s important that your imagery reflects every aspect of what you offer. From Fitness Professionals wanting to promote good health, habits and nutrition to Lifestyle Entrepreneurs wanting to help their customers see the many facets of the person behind their brand.

I’m Frankie Lee Matthews, a professional photographer for online curators who want to enhance their brand.

It’s time to create unique content for you to enhance your profile and make an impact on your audience.

And I have a few ideas in mind.