Fitness Photography – Ab Factory Trainer Mentorship Program

One of my all time favourite clients is the team at The Ab Factory.

When I receive an email from this team I know I have a huge day of photography ahead of me.  You see, The Ab Factory are not your usual fitness gym.  These guys BUILD BODIES.  Their 12 week transformation programs usually end with their clients on stage accepting awards.

This makes my job pretty important, as I am the ‘final challenge’ for their athletes at the end of their 12 weeks of work.  The day usually consists of 8-10 clients with 1 hour windows and the athletes come armed with fitness photos they love so I can photograph them in their desired style.

Its a format of group fitness photography that I really enjoy, because I get to meet a lot of inspirational humans all of the one day.  It truly is the best part of my job.  Finding their inner beast of beauty and capturing all their hard work.

Here’s a little taste of the talent from the Ab Factory – MP Trainer Mentorship Online Academy photoshoot.


– For more information about The Ab Factory and their Trainer Mentorship Online Academy, visit their website.