Fitness Photography – Benchmark The Book

When no one will officially publish a book of your fitness photography, then you should just do it YO SELF!  Which is what I did with Benchmark The Book.

3 months of travelling around Australia to hunt down the fiercest of Crossfit athletes.  2 months of design work by the very talented Carlz J Soda, and 1 sweet publishing run of 150 copies.  

I feel like I learn something from every project I take on, and this one was no exception.  You see, I have this rather firm habit of taking all my photos in landscape.  I love it.  But when you are taking photography for a book that will be in a portfolio format, you need to quickly learn how to get the same results you love, but in an entirely different way.

You’d think it would be easy, but I really struggled to apply my brand of photography to the first images I took.  But after months of practise, I found my style again.  

Benchmark the Book was born and the rest is history.

It was an achievement I will always remember.  One to tell the grandkiddies…

Let me know what you think of these shots…


– For by Frankie Lee Matthews Photography, visit their Instagram